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(Semifinalist of the 2018 Creepypasta Cookoff!)

Finger Food is an otherworldly horror adventure for 5e about an extraplanar research facility that is a little too good at what they do. Players will delve into the now-abandoned structure, carved into the snowcapped mountains of the Black Alps,  and try to piece together exactly what went so wrong. Of course, they'll have to avoid getting eaten first- or, actually, avoid eating. The book includes: 

- 53 pages of a chilling dungeon!

- Ten transcripts of Thomas Wilson's voice vials, magical audio recordings that can guide the players through the facility!

- 5 new magic items and 6 new creature statblocks, with illustrations!

- Classic horror game tropes translated to tabletop gaming!

(Warning: This adventure contains gore, body horror, and some disturbing content. If you are sensitive to these subjects, read with caution.) 


Finger-Food.pdf 15 MB

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