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I've been excited for darker forts since I heard of it last year. Having exhausted the original, I came looking for more.

Is there a version without the grey background? I'd really like to print and play!

A very reasonable request- usually I'd have background-less versions of my work prepared, but I actually don't have the source files for Darker Forts anymore, so I wouldn't be able to remove them. I could send you the Google Doc with just the text in it if you're interested? 

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I think I may be able to edit the PDF. Please do send me the google doc and I'll see what I can do to edit the original. If I manage it I'll send it your way!

EDIT: Made it. Let me know where I should send it.


Finally getting around to picking this up earlier today. Going to play tonight. Just owning it makes me want to work on something.


looks great. Looking forward to adding this in. 

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Loving it! Played my first Dark Fort game on Wednesday, died. Found your Expansion on thursday, made my way into the Mansion, died.

Love it! Highly recommend it for all Morkborg and Dark Fort fans!

I think I found a typo: It always says Mansion Scrolls not City/Temple Scrolls on each last page. 

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more! (Custom DarkerForts Charactersheets maybe?)


Gah! Blasted typos always wriggle their way in. 
Character sheets are a good idea! I'll try to add those soon.


each of these "forts" has lots of fun things to "dark" !!