A Wizard Errata (Room 20)

Hello everyone!

The idea of releasing "errata" for a module is a little funny to me, but I figured I should go ahead and do it. This update addresses the dreaded Room 20: Doors. 

I've gotten the most clarification questions about this room, specifically. I've come to the conclusion it's worded more than a little confusingly. The characters enter the room, the Wizard begins messing with them by moving the doors around, and then once the players have escaped (or not) the room essentially disappears. My original intention was to make it so GMs wouldn't have to worry about the room once the players had already overcome its challenges, but in reality, I believe it just makes them think too much about non-euclidean geometry (doors leading to where they shouldn't, etc). The Details section of the room description now reads as follows:

Details: The room is magically shrouded in darkness - effects that would normally allow characters to see in the dark don’t work here. If a character tries to leave through any of the doorways, the wizard cackles and jerks it upward into their stomach. They must succeed on a DEX save (16/Hard) or take d6/Medium bludgeoning damage. Then, the wizard begins moving the doorways around the room in an attempt to separate the characters. If a character is caught in a doorway, they tumble through and end up in the hallway that connects to it. A character can make a DEX save (12/Medium) to avoid a flying doorway or a DEX check (12/Medium) to hop through one as it’s moving.

If the wizard manages to isolate a character in this room, they are dragged upward into the darkness. Every other character can hear their screams, and then nothing. The doorways settle back into their original places, and the legs curl upward and disappear. The wizard isn’t done, though. Far from it. 

Hopefully, this resolves the confusion about rooms sealing off and doors going to other doors, etc. Thanks for reading. 


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