No Black Backgrounds: PAGES

Added a tiny new thing; a PAGES (not spreads) version of the "no black backgrounds" A Wizard. A couple people in the comments were asking, and you shall receive. Would've done it sooner, but InDesign was being extremely difficult (use something else, folks!). Thanks for your patience. 


awizard-noblackbgs-pages.pdf 11 MB
Oct 22, 2020


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Thank you! ^_^


Thanks so much! Getting Ready to run this again for Halloween! I had a player specifically ask for me to run this again for his group. Great job!

Appreciate it! I think this is a perfect module for Halloween.


When I first ran it, one of my players had the brilliant idea to try to scale the outside of the tower. *Internal screaming* I let him, and he eventually found one of the vents, which he NATURALLY wanted to climb inside. Even after an ambiguous warning, and telling him he'd have to drop his shield and pack to fit, he insisted on trying to shimmy through the Wizard vent...

And that's the story of how a player died even before the party entered the tower. It was glorious.


thank you for this donny, i've been wanting to print it off and have it in my tabletop games box but i gotta conserve ink